Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

  Fall is in full force on the Lower Mainland. It's hard to believe Halloween is just around the corner. I have always loved this time of year, the comfy warm sweaters, my favourite shows back on schedule (except for True Blood but I'm willing to wait), and that awesome smell in the air of fallen leaves and wood burning chimneys. November brings many birthday's in my family including mine! Some people dread an impending birthday but I've embraced all 33 of mine!
   So I started thinking about cake today, okay I think about Cake every day, but I always get asked in advance what I would like and my family will usually try and find one that out does the last. However last year will be very hard to beat.
TV viewers have been inundated with Home Decor, Home DIY, Interior Design and Staging, and lately there have been some great shows focused on some extremely talented Bakers and Cake Designers. Cake Boss, Ace of cakes, Cake Boss, to name a few. In fact one of the blogs I enjoy following, Jenette's Projects is also doing some amazing cakes of her own.
My sister's very good friend and another gal have started their own cake company as well called Sweet Cakes. Be sure to check out their gallery of other fabulous cake designs by clicking on the link Sweet Cakes Custom Designs. These talented ladies made my birthday cake last year that will go down as my favourite of all time! This is my birthday cake from Last November. 

The inspiration, one of my favourite Coach bags! My husband managed to sneak a picture from his cell phone and from the grainy photo those amazing girls made me a Coach Purse Cake! This is the original bag...

and this is the cake...

People from all over the restaurant came to our table to have a look at it and couldn't believe the entire thing was edible, the pictures just didn't do it justice! And edible it was, in fact it was DELICIOUS!

Believe me it was hard to cut in and ruin such a piece of art!
This was such a fun Birthday evening with friends and family and fabulous cake so now my wheels are turning to come up with another bag from my Coach collection. Maybe this year my Python Lindsay will be the inspiration! ~ Emily