Even the Smallest Renovation can Yeild a Profitable Sale...

I love my business, Designing that is! Through positive energy and determination has brought me together with some of the most progressive and successful Realtors in the lower mainland. Not to mention the friendships and referrals that have happened along the way.
One particular Agent had a small condo that needed all the help it could get. The Leaky condo was an empty space that had been under repair and renovation for the better part of a year and was ready to hit the market. After choosing the paint color and lighting fixtures and flooring choices I was set to stage a week later. As I worked on the design for the space the Realtor was working on his game plan.
It took a full day to stage the entire condo and by the end of the day the photo's were taken and the next morning were sent to the Realtor's assistant to be uploaded to MLS. I believe so strongly in all the properties being properly show cased on MLS because that is the buyers first impression.
The condo went live on MLS on the Saturday and the calls began pouring in to the listing agent. Instead of having an open house right away a list was formed and no showings until the following Saturday. A 2 hour Open House was held. For two hours the steady stream of prospective buyers did not stop. (As a courtesy to my clients I like to pop by the home before the open house to make sure everything is picture perfect) The next day the Realtor had 6 offers to present to the seller! The offers were above listing price and by Monday the subjects on the best offer were removed!
The Space was a challenge not only in size but the layout was quite unique. As an empty space it would have been difficult for buyers to envision how to configure furniture and what size of furniture really suited the space.
The moral of this blog is really "Work Smarter not Harder", by creating a sense of urgency and anticipation in the open house delay and the tantalizing pictures of my expert design and final staging- this seller & Agent reaped all the benefits. The investment the seller made in Design and Staging of her space was well worth it and she received it back in the profit she made above her original list price. I love a Happy Ending! Below are a few Before and Afters.
~Emily Hagerman,
Emily Hagerman Design

Living Room Before Color & Flooring

Living Room Complete and Set

Dining Area before...

And After..shot taken from the living room..

Master bedroom Before...

And After...

Amazing what a little Color can do...

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