Thank goodness Retail Pushes the Seasons...

I have to admit I groan and roll my eyes when retail stores put out their Halloween product in the middle of August, but when it comes to Easter, Spring & Summer stock...BRING IT ON!!!! Partly because I'm tired of the winter dull-drums and, especially here in Vancouver, the RAIN! And partly because when I was in desperate in need of patio furniture for staging a roof top deck in February!!
This amazing Townhouse in the heart of Vancouver, a skip & a jump to 2010 Olympic village, boasts a huge 1000sq-ft rooftop deck that really needed to be featured as real livable space. The color scheme for the interior space was black, red and white. The mission was to create an unexpected twist once you arrived at the top. Rather than continuing the red & white expected theme I chose a set with luscious Lime Green cushions & accents. This brought the vast grey concrete space to life and by creating two separate uses, one a living room type setting, the other a dining and eating area, it rally felt much bigger -even though it was huge! The rooftop was transformed from a blank vast gray space to Margarita Ville!!!! So thank goodness retail received their summer furniture in February!!! Below is the finished product....
written by~Emily Hagerman
Emily Hagerman Design

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