1970's Beach Grove Home Get's a New Lease on Life...

The late Seventies, early Eighties had some really wonderful design elements to the homes that were being built in that era. The problem is, most still have all the nasty macrame inspired wallpaper, carpet and drapes that the 7o's were so famous for. On more than one occasion I have stepped into one of these homes and thought for sure Eric Foreman's dad was about to walk down the stairs!
Vaulted Ceilings, cedar panelling, and even terrariums were big elements during this period. I am always drawn to the West Coast style homes, heck I even live in an 80's Jenish built home, I guess because the bones of these homes are what inspire me. When I was hired on to renovate and re-design a Home in Beach Grove Tsawwassen I knew that this diamond in the rough would be sparkling!
This project was a complete overhaul in every aspect, not only did I find myself designing all the interior and exterior features, many times I ended up being the project manager which was a new role for me that I was able to embrace. The entire exterior envelope had to be replaced and the amount of rot due to the original siding installation done incorrectly was immense. The absence of proper drainage and gutters only compounded the issue and not a single piece of cedar siding or trim was salvageable.
Funny how in life sometimes those obscure jobs you had when you were first starting out in the world can come in handy. A few years back when I was fresh out of school and newly married with a mortgage to pay for among other things, I was juggling 3 jobs and one of which was for a Wood & Forestry company that dealt in Siding claims for Homeowners. That obscure job that I learned so much about was about to come in handier than any of my Interior Design schooling, sorry BCIT! I was able to determine what would be needed to change the exterior envelope to ensure the new siding would be effective and had all the proper drainage installed where I knew the proper run off would be, flashing was non-existent on the original so that was a big priority for me as well.
The fun design stuff came with trying different siding profiles to update and break up the long blank walls of this large home. By using vertical siding as well as Horizontal the home was given some character as seen below in the before and after of the side profile.
The front of the home also had some great focal features that had yet to be utilized. Above the garage between the two bedroom windows a center wall was screaming for something architectural. My initial thought was to use some fabulous cultured stone, as this house was going to be re-sold budget wise I chose shakes instead. These same shakes were then used on the front elevations around the front door and upper deck. The original deck was also replaced and to capture the ocean view across the street, I chose glass railings.
The original front doors were big, heavy and ugly, the sidelights had yellow and green stained glass but no natural light was able to get through and from the inside the entry hall felt small and narrow. By changing the doors to full stained glass with matching sidelights not only did it let beautiful natural light in, it also became the jewel of the front of the home. Everyone who sees this home, even from the sidewalk loves these doors.

The interior of the Entry hall received new Porcelain tile, crown and baseboard, the only original element were the pot lights. The light those doors allow in make this entry so inviting.

This home's main level was being used, more like abused, by the original owners for grooming their dogs and the bedrooms make-shift kennels. You seriously could not imagine the smell. The main level also had a small kitchenette that we set up as an in-law suite. The Den fireplace received a face lift with the stacked cultured stone that was also used in the great room. We used engineered flooring on the main level and suite.
The home's real beauty shone through as the weeks went on, the project went over on time due to unforeseen plumbing and electrical issues that had to be completely re-done but when renovating a home of this era this is not uncommon. The main level is where the major level of finishing and design was showcased. Please be sure and tune in for a continuation of this project in my next blog. ~Cheers, Emily
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