Heavenly Bedroom Transformations

Today I was helping our very best friends paint a little old house that they had just bought for investment purposes. They will have it rented the middle of next month but in the mean time I've been helping them give the little old house some freshening up and also a bit of an excuse to experiment with some colours I'd been dying to see in person. The little house has two bedrooms and as I was painting my cares away I started to reflect on some of the bedrooms I had done in the past two years for clients and builders. So I'm dedicating this blog to some of by favourite Bedroom transformations. The picture above was a show home in Kerrisdale that a Stylist and I staged.

 This next bedroom was for a client from Bermuda who purchased a vacation home in Kitsalino. The guest room before was bland and boring.

This bedroom was on the top 3rd floor and had it's own balcony, huge ensuite, and window facing the beach. I chose Benjamin Moore colour: Mount Saint Anne CC-710 for all the walls. This beautiful blue green colour gave this room a seaside feel. The furniture was from Ethan Allen and Pebble Creek.

In addition to the Queen Poster Bed the client requested an extra sleeping arrangement for their guests with children. I chose the Franklin Chair & a half as it can fold out into a single bed.
As always I addressed the windows with some custom panels to soften the hard edges of the windows and door.

This next bedroom was a show siute for the Maguire Building in Kitsalino. The long tunnel shaped room was a real stumbling block for potential buyers.

By addressing the window as the focal point the length of the room was brought in closer.

This bedroom also had an awkward little nook area and since we already had a formal office in the suite the space was perfect for a reading nook.

This next bedroom was a tight budget and a simple fix was to focus on the bedding and make the bed the show piece in the room. Inexpensive Ikea panels also transformed the windows.

The Master Bedroom in this next White Rock home was in need of some serious updating. The clients had moved to their new beachfront estate and this home was to be put on the market. In order to appeal to as many buyers as possible and to acheive their asking price, myself and a Staging Stylist staged the rooms and new paint colours were chosen.

The owner wanted the home on the market the minute they moved out so the window to paint, clean and stage was very small. Therefore any structural updating was not an option. The 80's inspired "vanity in the bedroom" was not removed but just modernized with accessories and a cool clear acrylic chair.

I'm sure every designer has met the renter from hell, well this home was no exception, the only positive was that it made for a mind blowing transformation.

The other 2 bedrooms were also transformed and with the help of the owners contractor the awful built in's were removed.

The colour of a room can also make or break a bedroom, in this bedroom the Olive green walls were the perfect backdrop for a Black, White, and Silver design.

This next bedroom is from my latest renovation project and is a sneak peak into an upcoming blog.

Bedrooms are one of my most favourite rooms. Not only to decorate but the space planning is an intrigal part of making a bedroom work. From lighting to flooring no detail goes untouched and I fell that is reflected in my portfolio in this blog.
If you need any bedroom design help be it large or small please don't hesitate to contact me and ask for a consultation. ~ Emily 
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bettyl said...

Those are some exquisite designs! Impressive changes of before and after!

Jenette said...

You are amazing! I just love them all!

designergirl said...

Thank you ladies, it was fun for me to look back on some of the rooms I'm most proud of.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Hi Emily! I was thrilled to see your comment on the post I did on Darrell. I am subscribing to your blog so I don't miss out on any of your posts. I have not been on AR in awhile either. I was busy getting our own house ready for the market, and I think I hit a social networking wall {needed a break for a while}. Anyway, great to see you again, and I'll be visiting in the future!

Darrell Morrison said...

Thanks for the kind words. Those condos taught many people new lessons wouldnt you say? I had a great time working with you, I love what your doing with your spaces latly keep up the great work. Im moving my Studio this month and having a Party to show case my new work are you interested in attending?


Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Emily. I just found you showcased on Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions. I love you elegent decorating designs. What beautiful room.
Have a great day...Tracy