The Benjamin Moore Colour Viewer is My New Best Friend...

This past week in Vancouver, BC has been HOT! I've been lucky enough to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine and work on my newest project outside. The patio table that was once reserved for Lemonade and Iced Tea has now been scattered with drafting tools, floor plans, color chips and well...some Lemonade. I did say it was hot. So while I've been picking and sorting, and changing my mind on colour I finally decided on a few colour schemes. Rather than trying to get the builder to envision how these colour choices would look I decided to dust off my Benjamin Moore colour viewer. Did you know laptops don't work so good in the sunlight?! I think I may have another business idea if the designing gig doesn't work out... outdoor laptops..come on you think it's a good idea, right?!
So today I resigned myself to work on my home office PC and play around with the colour viewer. I have had it for almost 2 years but got frustrated with it on a couple of projects that were on a tight timeline. Somehow in the last 12 hours though a light has gone off above my head and I became a colour viewer expert. Actually it's pretty easy but I guess if you have it in your mind that something is difficult then things will be difficult!
I actually began to enjoy myself and have a colour proposal all ready to go. It is so much easier to present these colours as a whole look, the program allows you to save the "painted" jpgs and I sent a few off to the builder. The new project that I am so excited to be hired for is a new build single-family-home and I can't wait to get my hands on all the fun samples.
Here is a sampling of what I was able to create on the program. I highly recommend this software, it is very user friendly once you get the hang of it and the best part is it's Benjamin Moore!
Need help choosing colours? Send me your jpgs and/or elevation drawings and I will contact you to set up a consultation, virtual or in person!
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Valerie said...

I like the color scheme, and outdoor computer screens would be so lovely. You're right, they are so difficult to view in the sun! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!